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Breeding Rabbits

Every day, HYLA breeding rabbits are delivered throughout France. From one day old GP female to pregnant parental female, all sold animals underwent an individual control in order to meet specifications selection and production. Each animal was individually identified (earring or tattoo) to ensure traceability.

                              Femelle Grand Parentale GPD                                                                       Mâle parental HYLAMAX

Artificial Insemination

EUROLAP sells semen of its HYLA strain from its artificial insemination center. Packaged in small bottles or straw, HYLA semen is used by farmers or by our agents within 36 hours of production. HYLA MAX male, GPC male and colored male are available.

Among insemination techniques, EUROLAP proposes an original method : Hyla'Jet. This insemination gun reduces the hardship of insemination for the wearer and also increase the speed of it.


Using its own trucks fleet or certified carriers EUROLAP delivers its genetics in France and around the world with terms of density, temperature and ventilation adapted to the rabbit transport.

Technical Monitoring

Our technical and sales agents in France and abroad are available to provide you advices on your projects or about breeding management to maximize technical and economic results of your breeding farm.


On your request we can develop a training program, both on our experimental site or on our insemination center about breeding methods, semen production, artificial insemination, etc…

More info about Hyla'Jet

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