Company overview



Opened in 2006, the selection center in Gosné was designed to maximize biosafety. Settlement of livestock, movement of people, animals and equipment were set up with a principle of "forward march".


The selection breeding management is made ​​from SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) animals. Each building is equipped with through showers, and specific dress code for animal technicians for each building. All chosen materials for the design of buildings are washable and can be disinfected. To prevent air contamination, animals in selection area are bred in a building with high pressure and air filtration.

Belleville sur Vie

In this multiplication and experimental breeding farm, EUROLAP produces a portion of its parental females and males. Several trials are made annually with partners from rabbit industry to optimize the performance of Hyla breed. The areas investigated are nutrition, reproductive physiology, animal behavior ...

Multiplication centers in France and abroad.

To ensure the multiplication of parental females, EUROLAP produces its breeding females in partnership with farmers in France and abroad, in recent breeding farms who follow a set of technical and medical specifications. The selection of future females and males is provided by Eurolap agents.